Availability of Power Plants 2010 - 2019, Edition 2020 (eBook)

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Since 1970 VGB has been collecting data according to standardized uniform definitions and recording procedures for power plants. With the liberalization of the energy markets, the technical and economic assessment of power plants has gained more and more importance. On the basis of the co-operation between Eurelectric and VGB it was decided to merge data collection for the availability and unavailibility of power plants. Since 2008 the data of Eurelectrc´s TherPerf-Report and VGB´s KISSY-Report are presented in one common report.

The current report provides performance indicators for 659 power plant units plus 183 machine sets of storage and pump storage hydro power plants. All data were considered that had been fed into KISSY online until 30. Juny 2020 for the period under review, this is currently until the end of 2019.

This reports take into account modifications agreed by this project group as follows:

  • New clearer charts on availability incorporating the values of best, median and worst quartiles as it was done before in the TherPerf report of Eurelectric. These charts allow a better understanding of the database results and can be used as a first tool for benchmarking. The online performed evaluation with the data base KISSY can complete all benchmark reviews.
  • New clusters regarding capacity age and operating time are defined. These clusters are more suitable with the one currently used by producers, dispatchers and traders.
  • There are no longer presentations with national (German) focus only. Each cluster presentation will be based on the whole international providers to the KISSY data base.
  • Finally, in order to complete the report presentation, an overview of the situation in Europe and in parts worldwide enables a better understanding and a better analysis of the results.

The power plant information system KISSY has been expanded concerning the power plant types storage and pump storage hydro power plants. The KISSY participants are able to generate online reports using the following indicators/parameters from AT, CZ, DE, IE, LU, PT.

In addition to upgrade the KISSY database, the associated guidelines will also be published in different languages. The former VGB Guidelines “Availability of Thermal Power Plants”, “Unavailability of Thermal Power Plants” and “EMS Event Criterion Key Systems” were updated by the newly defined parameters and merged into one, completely revised guideline. The English and German versions were already placed on the VGB Homepage and can be downloaded.

This report covers the analysis for the period 2010 to 2019 with the individual data for the year 2019.

Previous editions of the reports (VGB-TW 103Ae and VGB-TW 103Ve) are available on request, e-mail: mark@vgb.org

Availability of Power Plants 2010 - 2019, Edition 2020 (eBook)

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