VGB-Workshop "IT-Security in Power Generation" - Veranstaltung ist ausgebucht!

Seminar / Workshop

(Language: English only!)

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The workshop is focused on IT-Security in Generation of Renewable and Thermal Power to secure the electricity supply, infrastructure and data.


Hacker attacks and cyber espionage have become a constant threat of the IT-systems in power generation. Trojans and malware are especially designed to sabotage the production of electricity or to collect information on power generation control equipment and systems. Confidential and classified data are not secured against programs like PRISM and TEMPORA and high developed Trojan programs. Power generation operators have to take particular into account the safety and the protection of the equipment data and infrastructure. Known IT-security gaps are also a threat for companies and generation sites beside highly complex cyber weapons. The diversity of attack possibilities establishes a new dimension, because with increasing networking, the use and impact of IT in production and control processes are increasing.

The IT security of power generation moves more and more in the focus. Generation and industrial facilities can only be sustainable protected if the rising threats of cyberattacks are encountered by effective mechanisms and applicable solutions. The loss of business data and information is a severe threat, however, this is a lower problem compared with the risk of generation and production losses and a threats of employees, environment and generation sites.

The  workshop "IT-Security of Power Generation" has the purpose to bring different players together, combined with the exchange of experiences and discussion of defence strategies.