KKS Application Explanations for Hydro Power Plants

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The plant identification rules (guidelines, keys, and application explanations), edited by VGB Power Tech as part of the Identification System for Power Stations (KKS), leave room for different ways of identification to meet the requirements of the various engineering disciplines including that of hydroelectric power plants. Identification standard DIN 6779 part 10 includes these rooms as well in order to allow different users and power stations to make use of these rules.

In the past clear definitions were mostly made individually by each user. For a company-spanning uniform identification of hydro power plants, the VDI/VDE-GMA Technical Committee on “Systematic of Identification in Hydroelectric Power Plants” started preparing the present Application Explanations. The wide experience, which was worked into the draft, was basically contributed by owners/operators, manufacturers, and engineers of appropriate power stations. For specific statements a previous compendium of Messrs. Gabo could be consulted.
A task force of the VGB Working Committee on “Reference Designation and Plant Documentation” coached the work, finally took up the job and completed it.

KKS Application Explanations for Hydro Power Plants

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