Compendium “Best Practices for Coal-Based Power Plants in Germany” - ebook

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Within the framework of the Indo-German Energy Forum, GIZ assigned VGB PowerTech e.V. (VGB) to compile a study about German best practices in coal-based thermal power. The study will form part of a Compendium that presents current best practices for the building and/or operating of modern power plants in India. The Excellence Enhancement Centre (EEC) will ensure the Compendium is disseminated to India's power generators. EEC was established in India as part of the Indo-German Energy Program, with the aim of facilitating performance improvements, especially with respect to efficiency and reliability in India's power sector. The EEC is registered as an association for India’s power sector.

The aim of this “Best Practices” study is to identify the approaches taken by the German power industry for building and operating coal-based power plants and to compile these in one place. This study provides a comprehensive overview of the aspects that are important in all phases of a power plant lifecycle. Existing best practices and guidelines are referenced. The following two major areas/components are considered in this study:

  1. New Build Power Plants:
    • Contract Management
    • Project Management
    • Project Development
    • Tendering and Procurement
    • Project Execution
  2. Operation & Maintenance (O&M):
    • Operational Aspects
    • Maintenance
    • Performance Control
    • Training

The chapters “Contract Management” and “Project Management” provide a general overview of new build projects covering the complete lifecycle of a project. The other chapters focus on a certain project phase or activity.

Compendium “Best Practices for Coal-Based Power Plants in Germany” - ebook

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