Recommendation for the Introduction of Risk Based Maintenance - ebook

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The aim of the liberation of the European energy market was and is the competition of the operating companies at the market, of which more efficiency and noticeably  low prices for the customers should be achieved. Due to this transition, from a former monopole “island situation” into an open energy market, there is continuing  pressure for the energy producers to reduce costs: Adaption- and rationalisation possibilities are under serious consideration. Possible saving potentials concerning  operation and maintenance processes must be constantly reviewed, while keeping the necessary reliability and guarantee of supply. Within the operation costs, the cost  of fuel is substantially market driven and therefore externally dominated, the two internal factors, such as personnel and maintenance costs play an essential role in determining the competitive position. In particular maintenance costs are a relevant factor, which have to be used to maximum efficiency. As a result different and new  strategies are being pursued. A relatively new strategy is risk-based maintenance, which has already been used in aviation for some time and has now found its way,  passing petrochemy, into the power plants. In this leaflet recommendations for maintenance staff are given to introduce risk-based maintenance.

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Recommendation for the Introduction of Risk Based Maintenance - ebook

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