Quality Requirements for District Heating Water - ebook

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As a result of the increasing importance of district heating in the context of energy supply, the VGB Expert Committee "Water Chemistry in Thermal Power Plants" has produced a revised edition of the Instruction Sheet "Quality Requirements for District Heating Water".

A basic change compared with the 1980 edition [1] is that in this instruction sheet, only district heating systems with low-salt circuit water, conditioned with sodium hydroxide and without the addition of oxygen scavengers, are considered. A prerequisite for this type of operation is the use of fully demineralised make-up water.

Reference to operation with salt-containing water circuits is given in the "VdTüV Guidelines for Circuit Water in Hot and Warm Water Heating Plants" [2].

Recommended guidelines are given in the table and should be considered, particularly when installing and commissioning new district heating networks. Where they are already applied, the plants achieve higher availability. When, however, good long term experience has been obtained with lower quality make-up and circuit water, deviations from the recommendations can be made based on this experience after expert assessment. All recommendations are based on experience of operating district heating networks with lengths up to 1400 km, initial temperatures between 60 and 180 °C, with both direct supply to the consumer and indirect supply via heat exchangers.

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Quality Requirements for District Heating Water - ebook

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