Turbine internal drains - ebook

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The drains system serves to reliably remove water arising in the steam turbine and the connected pipes under all service conditions. The proper functioning of the drains system is a prerequisite of turbine safety and high availability alike.

The VGB-Standard VGB-S-016-00-2014-08-EN defines requirements for the drains system and its individual components.

This VGB-Standard VGB-S-016-00-2014-08-EN is only applicable to the internal drains of steam turbines of all sizes and design types. Further to the requirements stipulated in this standard, it will be necessary to consider additional requirements for the monitoring and sizing of drains for turbines used in nuclear power plants and for saturated-steam turbines.

This VGB-Standard deals with drains that are connected to turbine casings, steam extraction and bled-steam pipework and components within the turbine scope of supply (e. g. main stop and control valve, cross-over piping etc.). Deviations from this VGB-Standard can pose a risk to safe turbine operation and must be discussed and agreed by the customer and the contractor.

This VGB-Standard does not address:

  • in-service drains /emergency drains of pre-heaters, feed heater installations
  • design of components with regard to mechanical strength and vibrations
  • turbine external drains

Turbine internal drains - ebook

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