KKS Identification System for Power Plants (English, ebook, new edition available) - ebook

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The current edition of the "KKS Identification System for Power Stations" is the VGB-Standard "VGB-S-811-01-2018-01-EN".

For existing installations the VGB-B 105e may be applicable.

Revision „E“ of the KKS-Guideline and Keypart, 7. Edition 2010, VGB-B 105e

New technologies for power plant processes and specific experiences in the application of the KKS guideline and the KKS-key were the necessity for the revision “E”. Especially the technologies for CO2 separation according to the “Oxyfuel” procedure, “Post Combustion” and the “Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)” was integrated in the key part.

At the same time the KKS Key Management program “KKS Power Plant Identification System for Windows” was updated and adapted to the current systems software. In future the program will be offered as VGB-D210. 

In addition the management of the key of the new designation system “RDS-PP (Reference Designation System for Power Plants)” can be provided shortly.

Remark: The complete KKS covers the publications VGB-B 105e and VGB-B 106e.

Key Part: The Key Part, consisting of the Function Keys, Equipment Unit Keys, and Component Keys, is available for purchase as a Excel® file.

Price: 1950.00 Euro (VGB members) / 2950.00 Euro (VGB non-members). A license agreement for application, e.g. in digital systems, or passing on or selling of contents to third parties is mandatory.

The works and their application are licensed during the Ordinary Membership in VGB Power e.V. (https://www.vgb.org/en/vgbvs4om.html).

Important notice: Any further use, e.g. in publications or digital systems, requires a separate license agreement with VGB PowerTech.
Please contact us at mark@vgb.org

KKS Identification System for Power Plants (English, ebook, new edition available) - ebook

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