KKS Pocketbook, English, 4th edition (Print)

ehem. Bestell-Kennz.: VGB-B 105-007
ISBN: urn:isbn:978-3-96284-270-3
Bestell-Kennz.: VGBE-S-811-91-2021-12-EN/VGB-B-105-007.4e
Erscheinungsdatum: 15.03.2022
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KKS Pocketbook

The "KKS Pocketbook" (4th revised and extended edition 2021, KKS - Kraftwerk-Kennzeichensystem/Identification System for Power Stations) is an abridged version (extract) of the publication VGB-S-811-01-2018-01-EN “KKS – Identification System for Power Stations” (formerly VGB-B 105e). The abridged English version VGBE-S-811-91-2021-12-EN/VGB-B-105-007.4e - Germany version also available - with 80 pages is to assist the user in decoding systems, components and documents employing KKS codes at the plant.

This summary contains excerpts of the:

  • Function Key
  • Equipment Unit Key
  • Component Key

for energy plants:

  • thermal plants,
  • nuclear power plants,
  • renewables,
  • storage,
  • power-2-x & hydrogen, and
  • energy plants, general.

The "KKS Pocketbook" is not appropriate as subject for coding of projects and must not be used for this purpose. The more detailed KKS publications by vgbe energy ensure a compliant and legally compliant coding and application.

Special license agreements and multi-user-eboobs are available for digital projects and enterprise solutions.
Further information can be found on the topical page "Labelling Systems",
The KKS Pocketbook is - new - available as an English and German (VGBE-S-811-91-2021-12-DE) VGBE-Standard published by the vgbe energy.

KKS Pocketbook, English, 4th edition (Print)

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