Coal Handling in Power Plants - ebook

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The VGB Instruction Sheet “Coal Handling in Power Plants” contains a collection of experience and recommendations which was prepared to the best of our knowledge but cannot always completely reproduce the state of the art. It provides a summary of information in the field of power plant coal handling which provides the user with a better overview of the specialist area and the associated regulations. The Instruction Sheet is therefore an important instrument for more efficient cooperation between those concerned. Complete application or application of excerpts must be agreed upon between the clients and the suppliers. There is no obligation to apply it. Liability, also for the factual correctness of the presentation is excluded. Likewise, rights under patent law and other property rights are to be clarified by the user on his/her own responsibility.

It is requested that the experience gained with the application of this Instruction Sheet, and that, by way of suggestions for improvements, any shortcomings found in the presentation as well as any possibilities that arose for confusing interpretations be reported to the VGB office for evaluation. This can be a starting point for addenda or alterations.


Coal Handling in  Power Plants - ebook

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