Recommendations for Design and Properties of Waste-fuelled Steam Generators - Second Edition 2009 - ebook

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As a result of the success of this Instruction sheet it was developed further and was ad-justed to the current framework of regulations. Changes in legislation, particularly the harmonization of European regulations, and the reforms in commercial law required ad-justments of the text. The objective of the previous edition, i.e. a clarification of terminolo-gy and definition of warranties that should be laid down in contracts, was essentially re-tained. Therefore recommendations are made as to which details should be specified in ordering contracts to prevent differences of opinion concerning plants supplied and plant components delivered.

Progress of the technology has required additional factual modifications. In addition, the efforts to reduce CO2 emissions increasingly acknowledge waste as an energy source that is at least partially CO2-neutral and, therefore, its use is recommended. In some cas-es, this may have the effect that certain requirements for the incineration of waste are not sufficiently taken into account during the design process. Instead, trust is placed in tech-nical progress and parameters are determined that are only suitable for conventional fuels. To avoid this problem, an attempt was made to take the experiences of manufactur-ers into account. However this approach was only partially successful.

Any information about experiences gained, about inadequacies found in the presentation of this Instruction sheet, particularly if this could lead to misunderstandings in the interpre-tation of the text, and about any necessary additions and suggestions for the improvement of this Instruction sheet would be highly appreciated by the VGB Headquarters so that they can be taken into consideration for revising a new edition.


Recommendations for Design and Properties of Waste-fuelled Steam Generators - Second Edition 2009 - ebook

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