Chimneys for Operation without Flue Gas Reheating after FGD

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The enactment of the amended version of the 13th Ordinance for the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act (13. BImSchV; Ordinance on Large Combustion and Gas Turbine Plants, [1]) in July 2004 effectively aligned the German ambient pollution control requirements with the current European regulations. Apart from redefined emission limit values for flue gas contents, a significant change (in the case of discharge by chimney) is the dropping of a minimum flue gas temperature of 72° C at the chimney outlet. For plant design, this means that reheating of the flue gases after wet flue gas desulfurization is no longer necessary.

The consequence would be chimney operation with water-saturated flue gas having a temperature in the 45° C to 63° C range. The increased formation of condensates which this entails, the increased chemical corrosion, the changed internal atmospheric pressure, including the occurrence of overpressure, and the possible discharge of flue-gas-borne micro-droplets at the chimney outlet level must be taken into account through suitable structural design and the choice of suitable materials. This applies both to the erection of new chimneys and the retrofitting of existing chimneys.

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Chimneys for Operation without Flue Gas Reheating after FGD

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