Standards for professional leadership behaviour - ebook

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The behavioural aspirations of each individual executive in relation to himself, the staff and the company are an expression of good leadership culture. This in turn is essential for a strong safety culture!

Results of surveys, observations and studies, especially of WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators), keep identifying deviations from international “Best Practice” in day-to-day work at all leadership levels, e.g.

  • Expectations are not communicated clearly enough to the employees and their
  • implementation is not consistently reinforced.
  • Employees are not sufficiently challenged and conflicts and confrontations are avoided.
  • People rely on safety-driven plant technology as well as the abilities and skills of employees without checking on them.

Rather than sharing generally known theories and fundamentals on leadership behaviour, the present document is meant to …

  • serve as a basis for operator-specific requirements for leadership behaviour,
  • focus content-wise on essential tasks of managers in day-to-day business,
  • provide support for essential leadership tasks,
  • provide a pragmatic and structured description of concrete tools and aids,
  • explain the relationships of these tools in a cycle of consistent leadership.

The contents provided in the following reflect, among other things,

… considerations and contents from programmes of various electricity utilities,

… contents of relevant WANO Principles (especially PL 2012-3 and 2012-4) and courses.

For ease of reading, the masculine form shall include the feminine.

Standards for professional leadership behaviour - ebook

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