Recommendation for Design and Operation of Vacuum Pumps at Steam Turbine Condensers - ebook

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Due to the development towards larger outputs in power Stations, it was necessary for the design of air extraction pumps for surface condenser units to keep pace. For this purpose water-, air- or steam ejectors and  water ring pumps or combination of these can be used. The design of the suction pumps was adapted to the development of unit size.

In cases where the cooling water for the condenSers of steam turbines is not available in sufficient quantity or can only be obtained with high pumping costs, the dry cooling or dry-cooled condensing units form an  alternative to direct water cooling or closed circuit cooling systems. Here the latent heat is passed to the  atmosphere, by pure convective heat transfer, without the loss of cooling water through eVaporation. Although  the recommendations in the following pages are also Valid in general for dry-cooled units, such unit have special features which influence the design and operation of the evacuation unit. These features and the  conclusions from them will also be explained.

Previously, air suction units were usually oversized, in order to limit pressure rises even with large air leakages. The increasing size of turbines, and the power of their vacuum pumping units, make a more exact sizing of them necessary.

Rising pressure in the condenser, due to an inadequate design of the vacuum pump, causes the effective  power of the turboset to decrease. On the other hand, increasing the throughput of the vacuum pump increases the power required to drive it. lt is therefore necessary to find the optimum design with minimum  costs and at the same time, to ensure safe operation and the best turbine output under all operating conditions.

The following "Recommendations" give advice on this. The first sections deal with the influence of air in the condenser, the sizing of air leaks, the design of vacuum pumps, the influence of cooling water temperature and Similar matters. For example the influence of air leakage on the oxygen content in the condensate is discussed. A further section deals with the various designs of vacuum pumps. A list of important publications on this subject is given.


Recommendation for Design and Operation of Vacuum Pumps at Steam Turbine Condensers - ebook

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