Design Standards for Instrumentation and Control Equipment (B0 to B6) - ebook

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With the liberalisation of the energy sector the question also arose as to how, in the field of instrumentation and control (I&C) equipment, effectiveness potentials can be exploited and what configuration of the instrumentation and control equipment solution is the economic optimum.

The VGB working group on I&C and information technology considers the consistent application of standards to be means for effectively planning, implementing and operating instrumentation and control equipment.

Standards within the meaning of this recommendation are functional specifications for the planning, installation and operation of power plant I&C equipment (keywords: long service life, fail-safeness, openness, reliability, stability).

In individual cases, critical examination is necessary in order to establish whether a standard available on the market is also applicable to power plant instrumentation and control equipment.

A project group dealt with the main principles of standardisation in instrumentation and control equipment and makes them available in the following paper. The formulation of the standards is carried out on a function-related basis and should be taken into account by the suppliers and equipment manufacturers during hardware and software development.

In the present guide, starting from the description of the motivation of the partners involved in the installation and operation of instrumentation and control equipment, standardised requirements are described for selected subjects. Wherever possible and appropriate, recommendations for their implementation by the suppliers and planners were derived. In that context, the findings of owners/operators and planners in projects handled over the last few years were taken into account.

The guide is meant as a help for the production of specifications for definite projects. In the case of the implementation of the standards, the required latitude for internal company stipulations is retained.

Note: under revision, new German edition (VGB-S-170-20-2017-02-DE) available; VGB-R 170 B0-B6e still available for existing installations.

Design Standards for Instrumentation and Control Equipment (B0 to B6) - ebook

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