Code of Practice for Lifecycle Management of Reinforced Concrete Cooling Towers in Power Plants - ebook

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This Guideline addresses the lifecycle management of reinforced concrete cooling towers. Lifecycle management comprises maintenance of the structure and measures to ensure the safety of a cooling tower. Effective lifecycle management must be preventive and knowledge-based.

A functioning cooling tower is essential for the operation of a power plant with cooling water refrigeration, and its dimensions and stresses endow it with special status. As a result of operational and external impacts, it is subject to rapid ageing. Operational circumstances and restricted accessibility partly impede monitoring of the condition. The objective of an appropriate lifecycle management system is to optimize maintenance cost-effectively for the planned service life of the construction. It is necessary for reliable operation, and the application of this code of practice is consequently expressly recommended.

Lifecycle management starts with the planning and erection of a cooling tower. In the case of existing cooling towers, it commences with an appraisal on the basis of the available documentation.

In the practical application of this Guideline, VGB Guidelines VGB-S-610-00-2019-10-EN "Structural Design of Cooling Towers" (replaces VGB-R 610e, “Structural Design of Cooling Towers”), VGB-R 612e, “Protection Measures on Reinforced Concrete Cooling Towers and Chimneys against Operational and Environmental Impacts”, and VGB-R 135 Pe, “Planning of Cooling Towers” are also to be observed. This Guideline takes up the objectives of the VDI Guideline on “Structural Safety of Buildings – Regular Inspections” (VDI 6200) and implements them, also with regard to the recommended intervals for regular inspections, for reinforced concrete cooling towers in power plants. The relevant higher level standards, guidelines and codes also apply.

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Code of Practice for Lifecycle Management  of Reinforced Concrete Cooling Towers in Power Plants - ebook

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