Basic Terms of the Electric Utility Industry, 11th edition, free of charge - ebook

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As a result of the now almost global energy transition and the associated requirements for the ever-increasing regulation of the markets while securing competition, the number of terms used and their definitions continues to increase. In addition to the influence of market and stock market concepts, network concepts are increasingly influencing the daily work of electricity producers, dealers, analysts and other market participants. At the same time, the processing of official and association-related inquiries requires a clear understanding of the contents of the terms used.

The project group “Definitions and Evaluations” in the VGB PowerTech e.V. has taken this fact into account in the present revision of the VGB Standards and has worked on the existing terms and definitions as required and added new ones. Apart from the familiar content relating to

  • structural terms in the industry,
  • power plant, grid and integrated supply system terms,
  • energy and capacity terms and
  • terms from the stock exchanges and trading markets

now also newer terms from the immigrant energy transition and the global initiative to phase out fossil energy sources.

The comprehensive definitions are intended to improve the general understanding of terms and to bring the provision of data to the public, as well as investigations, analyses and acquisitions to a common understanding. Suggestions for improvement for future editions are welcome and will be gladly accepted by the contact person of the VGB Technical Group “Performance Indicators”:

Basic Terms of the Electric Utility Industry, 11th edition, free of charge - ebook

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