Maintenance-compatible documentation - ebook

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A considerable proportion of the running costs of a power plant are attributable to maintenance. Sufficient grounds to optimize the efficiency of maintenance work while maintaining or increasing its quality.

Attention is to be paid here to technical documentation, which is essential for the professional performance of maintenance work. This is, for example, to be produced in the form of standardized checklists, or as a report for each maintenance procedure, and is an essential requirement for quality assurance in maintenance.

Laws and regulations, the generally accepted rules of good engineering practice and stipulations for the individual plant or component are to be observed. Occupational health and safety documents are only taken into account to the extent that they are required as part of the documentation to be supplied (e.g. EC Safety Data Sheets, Declarations of Conformity, or Hazard Analyses, etc.).

The persons involved in the maintenance process frequently have different views on the nature and contents of the documentation to be provided and compiled.

This Standard is intended to provide recommendations which describe the scope of maintenance-compatible documentation for practical applications. The Standard can be cited when orders for maintenance work are placed.

Maintenance-compatible documentation - ebook

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