Recommendations for thermal/mechanical generator protection - Print

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Generators are essential components of power generation systems. Damageinduced failure of such machines results in impairment of electricity production and usually involves time-consuming repairs.

To detect incipient damage to generators in power plants, protective equipment is installed. For electrical protection, in 2012 VGB published recommendations in the VGB-Standard VGB-S-025 “Electrical Generating Unit Protection”. The VGBStandard in hand, VGB-S-164-11, shows the protective measures that can be taken when thermal limits are exceeded or leaks and other malfunctions occur. These protective measures relate to so-called thermal/mechanical generator protection and cover generators for thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants and wind turbines.

The recommendations compiled in this VGB-Standard VGB-S-164-11 are based on the current state of the art and provide instructions for the application of thermal/ mechanical generator protection measures, preferably in the engineering and building of new plants. However, they can also serve as guide to the modernisation of existing plants. The VGB-Standard “Recommendations for thermal/mechanical generator protection” is an update of the VDEW recommendations dating from 1983. Additional wind power generators were included and the VDMA Specification 4315-8 “Turbomachinery and Generators – Application of the Principles of Functional Safety - Part 8: Risk Assessment Hydrogen Cooled Generators” was taken into account.

Along with providing comprehensive information about today’s generally accepted practices, with this publication we also pursue the aim of furnishing assistance and pointers for precautionary measures against operating problems and for suitable protective measures for the planning and construction of a power generation system, for the design, manufacture, installation and monitoring of the generator, and for generator operation.

The systematic discussion and explanation of the individual trip criteria and the automatic trip variants, along with the description of a practical procedure for selecting the criteria for the specific application, are intended to make this decision making process easier for operator and manufacturer and help find the best solutions, in technical and economic terms, for the different conditions.

Recommendations  for thermal/mechanical  generator protection - Print

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