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There is a need for high quality reliability data for power plants that can be used during all phases of the life cycle of plants. Such data are scarce, as reliability handbooks do not often contain data for conventional power plants whereas they do contain data for nuclear plants.

In the project a method has been developed to calculate reliability data from the VGB power plant information system KISSY. In the resulting reliability data, plant layout and several classes of plants given by plant age and type of plant (combined cycle, conventional, nuclear, open cycle gas turbine) have been taken into account. Individual plants have been handled unanimously. In the data resulting from the analysis, which are given as appendices of the report, reliability indicators on a 3 digit KKS (Kraftwerk-Kennzeichensystem) component level, differences between plants, ageing of the components, and the statistical distribution of repair times has been taken into account. An example of plant modeling and use of the data is given.

The aim is to integrate the new method and reliability indicators into the technical-scientific reports (cyclical standard reports) and in the KISSY database (online reports on demand) later in time with benefits such as optimization of the plant configuration, improved plant maintenance, less spare parts, etc.

The project was carried out as a VGB Research project lead by DNV KEMA in close cooperation with VGB PowerTech e. V. and the members of the VGB ‘Performance Indicators’ European Working Group.

Reliability Indicators with KISSY - VGB Research Project 361 (only PDF-download) - Print

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