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ehem. Bestell-Kennz.: VGB-R 455e
ISBN: urn:isbn:978-3-96284-298-7
Bestell-Kennz.: VGBE-S-455-00-2022-12-EN
Erscheinungsdatum: 15.04.2023
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VGBE-S-455-00-2022-12-EN (Excerpt: Contents)

This vgbe standard “Cooling Water Systems and Cooling Water Treatment”, VGBE-S-455-00-2022, replaces the previous VGB Cooling Water Guideline VGB-R 455e, the second edition of which was published in January 2000.
This standard has been revised in great detail and consequently reflects the current state of the art and legal requirements. It covers not only the cooling systems of classical thermal power plants, but also cooling systems in industrial applications such as refineries and the chemical industry. European and international standards have also been taken into account as far as possible.
The scope has been significantly increased from that of the previous version. One new addition, for example, is the consideration of hygienic aspects for open cooling systems. On the one hand, the essential aspects of cooling water chemistry and cooling water treatment are explained better and more precisely in order to present the most important details to all parties involved. On the other hand, the standard is intended to compensate, at least to some extent, for a loss of knowledge, without claiming to be a textbook. Accordingly, many further reading references are included.

Cooling systems are crucial for many industrial processes. Water is still the most effective and therefore most widely used medium for the necessary cooling of the plants. Depending on the water quality available at the relevant site, the specific local conditions and possible restrictions, a large number of factors already play an important role at the design stage and, of course, during subsequent operation. They also influence the selection of the cooling technology to be used, such as evaporative cooling or once-through cooling.
The interaction of water constituents with the materials used in the cooling systems, the avoidance of corrosion and deposits, and hygienic and environmental aspects must all be taken into account. Economic necessities are also considered. It is therefore clear that the design of cooling systems, cooling water treatment and cooling circuit chemistry are extremely complex subjects.
This standard deals with these interactions, the requirements for the cooling systems and the operating conditions – taking into account the cooling process concerned.
If interdependencies between material, water chemistry, operation and design of such systems are not sufficiently taken into account, disruptions of the cooling operation due to corrosion damage and deposits can occur, limiting the efficiency and also the availability of a power plant or production facility and resulting in considerable costs.
Economic considerations and guidance on material selection for parts and components of a cooling water system, taking account of the intended service life and mode of operation, are also considered in this standard.
The standard also focuses on recommendations for mechanical and chemical cooling water treatment (conditioning) and operational monitoring of the various open and closed circuit cooling systems.
A separate section deals with hygienic aspects in evaporative cooling circuits.
All measures taken to improve the operation of cooling systems, especially with regard to the treatment and conditioning of cooling water and the discharge of effluent as wastewater, must comply with the relevant national laws and regulations.
In addition to the referenced literature, section 10 also lists other guidelines, standards and legal requirements for Germany that are more closely related to this standard and must be taken into account when considering the relevant issues.

92 p., 13 fig., partially in colour, 13 tab., (2023)

This vgbe-Standard is available in German and English./Dieser vgbe-Standard liegt in Deutscher und Englischer Sprache vor.

Cooling Water Systems and Cooling Water Treatment - Print

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