Characterisation of Power Plant Coal - ebook

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The precursor of this Standard the VGB-Bulletin “Charakterisierung von Kraftwerkskohlen” (VGB-R 210; Characterisation of Power Plant Coals) appeared 12 years ago (2003). Some new developments, but, in particular, changed operating conditions for hard coal fired power plant emerged since. New statutory requirements and also severely changed economic challenges demanded a revision and modernisation of the text. As usual with VGB-Standards, experience of plant operators with the individual requirements of their plants is presented to the colleagues in a concise form. The transformation of the former Bulletin into a VGB-Standard is emphasised by the co-current publication of this text in an English version making possible its use also by firms operating Europe-wide and internationally.

The present VGB-Standard addresses primarily the technical staff of hard coal fired industrial and public power plant. It describes recent coal characterisation methods and presents an outline of the effects various coal constituents can have on the plant and on combustion products. Implications of changing fuels for various processes in power plant are discussed and suggestions are made on what measurements may apply in order to fulfil the required demand.

Purchasers of coal and sellers of by-products (ash, gypsum) can draw valuable information from the VGB-Standard. It provides background know how on the specification of coals, ashes and gypsum and highlights those parameters (coal and plant properties) that can give rise to problems for the technical staff.

Characterisation of Power Plant Coal - ebook

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zzgl. Steuern: 320,00 € Inkl. Steuern: 342,40 €

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