Technical and Commercial Key Indicators for Power Plants - 9th edition - ebook

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This VGB-Standard allows the user to make a technical and economic assessment of power plants. In addition, the effect of price effects and the legal requirements on the power plant operation can be analyzed using the VGB-Standard. In detail, the user receives analysis options in the assessment of power plant processes, the assessment of plant operation and the determination of economic success.

The operation of power plants or the utilization of different technologies in energy conversion depends on a number of restrictions, in the competitive environment, primarily on the costs as well as on the specific political framework in the electricity markets.

With the shown evaluation criteria for example the efficiency, availability and reliability of the individual technologies can be determined, compared with one another and determine the own position of the power plant. This results in the possibility to influence its own competitive position.

The present revision contains adaptations and additions resulting from changed political boundary conditions. These include both higher requirements resulting from new
publication and registration obligations of production facilities and their production data as well as changed operating conditions due to increasing global efforts to get
out of fossil based energy production. On the basis of these findings, a revision of the definitions and parameters in the project group "Definitions and Evaluations" has resulted in the essential new and changed terms and definitions that are summarized in this VGB Standard.

With the definitions and rules contained in this VGB-Standard, different considerations can be made in the international environment. Examples which may be mentioned are:

  • Commercialization and optimizing the application of power plant capacities (inclusive of system services)
  • Comparative evaluation of cost-optimized fuel application at minimum CO2 emissions
  • Formulation of targets and goals
  • Implementation of benchmarking comparison (national or international)
  • Support for transparency processes
  • Provision of parameters and indicators for public relations etc.

Technical and Commercial Key Indicators for Power Plants - 9th edition - ebook

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